A “Smash!” Hit


Just look at this wine sampler! No is the glass half empty or is the glass half full question here. At Smash Wine Bar and Bistro, they know how to serve you a glass of wine. Or 3 in my case. $15 for a sparkling wine sampler? I think so.  Considering a glass of just one of these would have been $8 or more. Quite the bargain. And they were all absolutely delicious. Crisp, light, refreshing. I was in heaven. Image 5


Found this gem of a restaurant in Wallingford from Groupon, where they frequently have a $25 for $50 special that really makes the dinner worth it. Otherwise, its definitely two $$, possibly on its way to 3 $$$. Without the Groupon, I would definitely suggest this place for happy hour. Decent prices, beautiful, delicious food! Image 4

Even though I ordered a Pappardelle Pasta entrée that I greatly enjoyed, this Chevre Crostini was the star of my meal (apart from my bubbly wine flight). The presentation was gorgeous, so full of color with great flow on the plate. Perfectly cooked. Mouth watering flavor with a great crunch on the outside and soft warm baguette on the inside. Another reason to go back for happy hour. Only $6!

The restaurant itself was also lovely; Cozy warm interior, open patio for warm weather dining.  The servers were very friendly and helpful, and I didn’t feel in any rush to finish up my wine even after we had been sipping and enjoying our food for over 2 hours!

Overall, a great experience, if a little pricey. Just another reason to take advantage of their happy hour!

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